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Pre POWER ONE is a non-distributing Not-for-profit Co-operative but it is still a business and it still generates a surplus otherwise it would depend on donations to exist. The difference between it and a distributing Co-op is that the Co-op provides a return to members by supplying electricity at a low price.  Not all the surplus is distributed and some are reinvested into the Co-op in other related services or in a further reduction in the member price of electricity.


The following graph shows the distribution of income from the sale of electricity. The distribution will remain constant.


For pre POWER ONE in Canberra with customer members pay 15 cents per kWh and members who prepay get a further discount equivalent to a 10% return on investment.  In total 50% goes to pay for electricity to members who have prepaid, 25% to operating the Co-op and 25% is available to members to buy more panels or continue in its objective of reducing the cost of clean energy to its members.