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Pre POWER ONE is installing its first member panels over the next two months.  The following are fictitious scenarios of who will benefit from pre POWER ONE.




People join pre POWER ONE to help save the planet. Some also want to buy electricity that is lower cost than electricity from fossil fuel. Some want a secure, high return on their contributions to pre POWER ONE. Some members contribute by getting the owner of the building in which they live to agree to put panels on the roof. Other members contribute money to buy the panels on the building. All members share in the surplus from the sale of electricity to members.


Become a member and work with others in your community to support the move to clean energy.  The following are not real members but are types of members.


Christie and Jason of Moncrief


Christie and Jason have just purchased their first home, a townhouse in Moncrief.  They are heavily in debt and have no spare cash to purchase solar. They want to become a member of pre POWER ONE and have panels installed on their home.  They will stay with their electricity retailer and expect to consume three-quarters of the power from their roof. For this, they pay about 30% less per kWh for the electricity from their roof than buying it from the grid through their retailer.


Felicity of Franklin


Felicity has panels and batteries but wants to invest in panels for other people's dwellings.  She has $10,000 available that she invests in the Co-op.  The Co-op uses the money to install panels on other member's houses.  When the members pay for their electricity, Felicity gets her money back plus a share of the Co-op surplus as a regular monthly repayment.  


Felicity can sell all or part of her money contribution to any other member at any time or Felicity can join another pre POWER Co-op and remain an investor member of pre POWER ONE.

John and Jill of Tuggeranong


John and Jill live in their own home on a sunny block in Tuggeranong. They have often thought about installing solar power but they are not confident they will know how to choose the right system, cannot spend the time to investigate, and are worried they are only buying themselves trouble in the future.  They put most of their savings into their own self-managed super fund and are worried that they are not getting a good return on their savings and are concerned over the cost of managing their fund. They have a low-interest savings account they keep for emergencies. They would like to use clean energy and are concerned about the high price of electricity.


pre POWER ONE is one solution to their worries. They join pre POWER ONE. The Co-op arranges for an installer to come to their house to discuss what is best for them. They work with the installer to fill out all the required forms. The installer arranges for the tradespeople to come and install the system and supervise the installation. They contribute the money in the savings account into pre POWER ONE and use it to buy electricity at a discount. 


After talking to their financial advisor, their self managed super fund joins the Co-op and contributes $50,000 to pre POWER ONE Co-op.



Susie of Infinity Towers Gungahlin Town Centre


Susie would like to purchase clean power but lives in an apartment.  She joins Pre POWER ONE and is working with the Co-op to arrange for pre POWER ONE to purchase clean energy from a solar farm on some open space near the Gungahlin Town Centre.  Susie was elected to the Pre POWER ONE governing board and is working on getting the appropriate permissions from the Australian Energy Regulator and Evoenergy.


Abigail of Nichols


Abigail has her own house, she became a pre POWER ONE member and has solar panels installed on her house. She looks after the pre POWER ONE website.  Instead of a salary for her work she receives prepayment "vouchers" for pre POWER ONE.