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Is it too Good to be True?


The question many ask is how can pre POWER ONE offer low prices for clean energy and also a high annuity payment to investors? 


The reason lies in the way pre POWER ONE is organised and governed. It is a Not-for-profit member-owned cooperative.  Members work for the benefit of other members.  Members take responsibility for the financing and operations of the cooperative. pre POWER ONE does not depend on governments nor on corporate sponsorship.  Members are not alone to deal with suppliers, regulators, banks, governments and big business.  When a community of members take responsibility and work together as one, costs go down.  The savings are passed on to members as lower-priced electricity and higher returns on money put into the Co-op.

Who Controls Pre Power one


Pre POWER ONE is a democratic organisation owned and controlled by members.

It's purpose from its constitution is:

The co-operative will deliver fair and affordable energy to its members by owning and operating renewable energy assets, including solar panels, inverters and batteries, and selling the electricity these energy assets produce to its members at a discount compared with the price of fossil fuel electricity.


In addition 

The assets and income of the organisation shall be applied solely in furtherance of the production and sale of clean energy to members. No portion shall be distributed directly or indirectly to the members of the organisation except as bona fide compensation for services rendered or expenses incurred on behalf of the organisation.

The primary activities of the co-operative are:

  1. Own and operate clean energy generation and storage assets, such as solar panels, inverters and batteries

  2. Sell electricity to its members​​

The membership rules for pre POWER ONE were created with the free Build Your Co-op tool.  


Recycling Money reduces costs

Debt finance is the normal way for individuals, companies and co-operatives to finance electricity production.  Pre POWER ONE finances panels, batteries and other production infrastructure with advanced payments from members to the Co-op to pay future electricity invoices at a discount.  Members supply the money to build the production infrastructure and receive money when members pay for the electricity. The member's money circulates through the Co-op.  As the money circulates the Co-op generates a surplus that is shared between members who consume electricity. Members who pre-pay for electricity can use their pre-payments to purchase electricity at a discount.  They can also "automatically" sell their pre-payments with discounts to other members and receive cash. 

Save the Planet and reduce energy costs


A way to address climate change is to reduce CO2 emissions. Electricity produced and sold by Pre POWER ONE is clean energy, and no fossil fuel is generated during its production. Clean energy production has lower operating costs than burning fossil fuel as there is no charge for the sun or wind. Financing with a Not for Profit Co-op is lower cost than debt financing. The savings are returned to consumers of Co-op energy getting a lower price and the members who contribute money get a high return on their money.