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Low cost electricity from Community Owned Sources

Pre POWER ONE is a Not-for-profit cooperative. You can apply to join the Co-op for no charge.


If the Co-op accepts your application you pay a $10 fee and ask the Co-op to put panels on your roof for no cost to you. You will pay 70% of the grid price for clean energy from your roof.


Community Controlled

pre POWER ONE buys panels and arranges for installation and maintenance. The money to pay for panels comes from investor members. 

You do not have to have panels on your roof to become an investor member. If you invest you will get 10% per annum annuity stream paid for from the sale of electricity to consumer members.

You can be both an investor and consumer member.


Clean Energy

The high cost of electricity in Australia is a result of the inefficient Australian Energy Market and debt financing.

Not-for-profit pre POWER ONE prices are fixed by the low cost of production, not by the high profits of suppliers of Energy and Money. 

Why join pre POWER ONE?

pre POWER ONE is a member-owned Not-for-profit Co-operative. Through cooperation, members enjoy access to cheaper clean energy. The community benefits by increasing social capital and by growing the green economy. The Co-op provides renewable energy at a lower price than fossil fuel energy. At present, in Canberra, members pay about 70% of the fossil fuel price for Co-op generated electricity.


pre POWER ONE funds the installation of hardware to generate renewable energy by members contributing money by paying for electricity.  Members who prepay for electricity receive an annuity in the form of cheaper electricity or in cash. At present in Canberra, it is equivalent to a fixed annual annuity of 10%.


Anyone anywhere can join pre POWER ONE and find out how the Co-op works.  If you like what you see you can form your own Co-op with others. You can be a member of many Co-ops at the same time. You can leave a Co-op whenever you wish.